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About Us is a privately held organization providing high availability and complex hosting cluster services to mission critical websites since 2003. We specialize on hosting cluster setups for static as well as dynamic content delivery. Our core strength lies in the management team itself which consists of highly experienced Systems Administrators. Our Goal is to provide reliable and affordable cluster solutions to our client base. To achieve this we do not intend to overgrow ourself and damage our service standard levels. We are happy with providing service to our existing client base and possibly can accommodate a few more clients. We do not advertise a lot as we do not want to make promises we cannot stand upto. We do have enough clients we have got using referrals from our existing client base. We'll be honest that hosting clusters are hard to handle and difficult to maintain and so unless we have a huge team of people which can handle each and every aspect of the critical businesses our clients entrust upon us, so setting up a corporate website and promoting our services on a large scale would just be like Outgrowing ourself at this time. So we are just put this site using a blog so that we can share something about us to the world and people have some place to contact us if they want to know about our services.

We apprciate you visting our site and if you are our existing client, we thank you for your business.

The Team,