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Technology Partners

We work closely with each of our technology partners to provide fast, reliable and scalable services to our client base. Some of our partners in the process are:

Infrenion Webhosting is our partner specializing in streaming media hosting. They even offer variety of free video hosting scripts with their existing shared and dedicated plans. is our service partner from the United Kingdom. They help us provide dedicated servers for our clients in the UK based of geolocation techniques we use on our setups
Vision Helpdesk from is a complete helpdesk solution with integrations for third party softwares like Plesk Billing, WHMCS etc. We use it to provide ticket support for our own client base.
Parellels Plesk Billing is our billing partner. We provide fully setup and ready to use billing solutions for your clients who need secured billing setups at lower price. is our datacenter for the servers in the United States. Fastservers is known for its top notch service and good hardware quality as well reliable network.
We are always looking to build partnerships with organizations related to our services. If you are interested in having a partnership via us, please use the Contact Us form.