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Apache Server

What is apache?

Apache server, is a simply a public-domain open source Web Server developed by a loosely-knit group of programmers.

==About apache Web Server==

The first version of Apache, based on the NCSA(National Center for Supercomputing Applications) httpd Web server. Basically it was developed in 1995 and usually it uses on linux operating system.The original version of this server was written for UNIX, but there are now versions that run under OS/2, Windows/Linux and other platforms. Programmer "Brian Behlendorf" is the founder of Apache Web Server born March 30, 1973.

==Apache Server Versions==

Since its initial launch the web server has undergone a number of improvements, which led to the release of several versions. Below are the Apache Server versions along with their disscription. -Apache 1.3- boasts a great deal of improvements over 1.2, the most noteworthy of them being - useful configurable files, Windows and Novell NetWare support, DSO support, APXS tool and others. -Apache 2.0-differs from the previous versions by the much re-written code, which has considerably simplified its configuration and boosted its efficiency. It supports Ipv6, Unix threading, other protocols such as mod_echo. This version also offers a new compilation system and multi-language error messaging. -Apache 2.2- came out in 2006 and offers new and more flexible modules for user authentication and proxy caching, support for files exceeding 2 GB, as well as SQL support.

==Advantage of Apache Server==

"Apache is...much faster serving static resources" as that's highly qualitative.Apache is a popular open-source web server and has been the most popular open source web server on the internet for the last few years. With Apache, you can create VirtualHosts on your main server that will accept requests from designated servers and route them to the correct ports. These VirtualHosts can be defined in the configuration file, which is basically where most of the configuration for Apache is done.web server is a system that stores information and delivers, or "serves," this data when needed. Every website on the Internet resides on a web server. When a user access website, server sends the data that is displayed on the screen.

==Apache Installation and Server configuration==

You can use below commands to install Apache on linux. You need to upload files at /var/www/html under RHEL / CentOS / Fedora Linux operating system. You need to configure and use Apache as per the requirement. /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf (RHEL/Cent OS/Fedora Core Linux) or /etc/apache2/httpd.conf (Debian / Ubuntu Linux) is the location of apache configuration file. # yum install httpd # chkconfig httpd on # /etc/init.d/httpd start

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