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Cluster Management and Setup Services

We provide cluster management and setup services for existing clusters or servers you may have with third party datacenters. The setup service includes installation of custom webservers and softwares to run with your cluster. We offer the following webservers for installation :
  • Apache 1.3.x / 2.x / 2.2.x
  • Lighttpd
  • Nginx
  • Squid Reverse proxies
  • Litespeed
  • Zeus Webserver
  • IIS 6/ IIS 7
  • Any other webservers as per requirement.
We also offer setting up custom server side scripting environments such as PHP ( in FCGI/ SuPHP / DSO modes ), Perl ( Mod_perl ) , Python ( Mod_python / Mod_wsgi ) , ASP / ASP.Net ( Windows only ) , Ruby on Rails etc. For database backends we offer MySQL , MySQL Db replication setups and Automated MySQL backupsĀ  as well. Apart from these, we can offer setup and installation services for any third party well documented softwares or scripts. Please use the form below to get a free Quote for the services you need.