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Anti-Spam Mail Gateway Live Statistics

Hello People, We received too many requests for the beta testing phase of our Anti-Spam Mail Gateway service. We apologize we could not accept them all due to limited slots available. However, for all the people who are curious about how the stuff works, we are adding in an image for reference. One of our beta tester client is a nice and friendly 56 years old lady blogger. She is a granny of 3 small cute kids and she blogs about her life with them for fun. However, the spam traffic on her primary domain was quite bad. She asked her for help as she was receiving more than 6000 spam mails in a day and had tried many different anti-spam solutions which did not help her much. We put her domain on our mail gateways to scan the mails for her and the results she got exceeded her expectations. Within 24 hours, we blocked around 6500 spam mails for her and also 19 Virus mails. Around 380 mails were legitimate and passed along to her mailbox. Here is the graph for reference.

Our mail gateway services are now live. You can contact us for any queries you have about the service or for bulk pricing options. We have limited number of slots available still for shared gateway services, however, we can certainly deploy dedicated anti-spam gateways within a few hours as we have now developed a fully tested setup and configuration for the mail gateways. We appreciate your questions and feedback as always.

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