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Choice of two webservers available on Shared Clustered Hosting Accounts

Our Shared Clustered Hosting Accounts now offer choice of two webservers to select from. 1. Nginx: Nginx (pronounced as "engine X") is a lightweight, high performance web server/reverse proxy and e-mail (IMAP/POP3) proxy, licensed under a BSD-like license. Basic HTTP features:
  • Handling of static files, index files, and autoindexing; open file descriptor cache;
  • Accelerated reverse proxying with caching; simple load balancing and fault tolerance;
  • Accelerated support with caching of remote FastCGI servers; simple load balancing and fault tolerance;
  • Modular architecture. Filters include gzipping, byte ranges, chunked responses, XSLT, and SSI. Multiple SSI inclusions within a single page can be processed in parallel if they are handled by FastCGI or proxied servers.
  • SSL and TLS SNI support.
We have php running in Fastcgi mode on our servers with Nginx. 2. Lighttpd: Lighttpd (pronounced "lighty" or "Light-TPD") is a web server designed to be secure, fast, standards-compliant, and flexible while being optimized for speed-critical environments. BasicĀ  features :
  • Load-balancing FastCGI, SCGI and HTTP proxy support
  • chroot support
  • select()-/poll()-/epoll() based web server
  • Support for more efficient event notification schemes like kqueue and epoll
  • Conditional rewrites (mod_rewrite)
  • SSL and TLS support, via OpenSSL.
  • Authentication against an LDAP server
  • RRDtool statistics
  • Rule-based downloading with possibility of a script handling only authentication
  • Server Side Includes support (broken [1])
  • Flexible virtual hosting
  • Modules support
  • Cache Meta Language (currently being replaced by mod_magnet) using the Lua programming language
  • Minimal WebDAV support
  • Servlet (AJP) support (in versions 1.5.x and up)
  • HTTP compression using mod_compress and the newer mod_deflate (1.5.x)
  • Light-weight (less than 1 MB)
  • Single-process design with only several threads. No processes or threads started per connection.
We run php running in fastcgi mode on our servers with Lighttpd. You can select from either of the two webservers for Shared Hosting accounts. The sales department will send a email confirming your choice once your order has been verified. For further plan details, please check

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