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Green Custom Web Hosting Solutions now available and have both gone green as of today. Its been a while since we have been concerned about the harm our services can cause to the Ecosystem and moving a step forward we will be offering complete green webhosting solutions. We are proud to be able to play our own bit in the "Save earth, go green" campaign. Our new range of custom built green clustered solutions and shared hosting plans would be made public soon. A migration plan for existing clients who wish to get their clusters moved to green webservers without having to change their IP addresses is being worked upon as well. Clients will get a notification through email on what exact upgrade options they have available based on their existing hardware configurations. It gives us great pleasure to state that almost all upgrades which will made available to existing clients would not increase their monthly cluster costs. We have already had a few enquiries from existing clients about such upgrades and so a roll out on the first batch of such green upgrades would be done from 15th November 2009 onwards. Please feel free to contact us for further questions about green clusters or migrating your existing cluster to green services.

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