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Importance of DNS Servers

DNS servers turns IP address to human friendly domain name like If DNS server don't exist internet use will become pain in the ass. That underlines the importance of DNS servers.

What is DNS?

DNS stands for Domain Name System. A domain name is the unique name that is assigned to a website. DNS is the system that enables this to work. When you build a website, you also register a domain name. Then, you point the domain name to your website. For a domain name to be assigned to a website, it first needs to be added to a DNS SERVER. A DNS (Domain Name System) SERVER is a large database containing each domain name and its corresponding IP address. For example, if the domain name "" resolves to the website at the DNS SERVER holds this information. How does my Browser find the right Website? 1. Your browser checks it's cache (memory) to see if it knows which IP address the domain name resolves to. If it knows, it will resolve it and display the web page. 2. If the domain name is unable to be resolved, the browser will check your hosts file for a DNS entry (more on hosts files below). 3. If there's no entry in the hosts file, the browser will check the default DNS SERVER (specified via your computer's network settings). This is usually your ISP's DNS SERVER or your employer's. If the DNS SERVER has an entry for that domain name, the browser will display the applicable website. 4. If the default DNS SERVER doesn't have an entry for that domain name, the browser will attempt to find a DNS SERVER somewhere in the world that does. This is made easier by the hierarchical structure of DNS SERVERS throughout the world. If the domain name can be resolved, the applicable website will be displayed. 5. If the browser can't find a DNS entry anywhere, it won't be able to resolve the domain name (or URL). This is usually due to there being no entry for that domain name, or possible network problems between your computer and the DNS SERVER. In this case, your browser will display an error page.

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