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Site Design Tips for Websites which use RRDNS

Websites which need to be hosted on a Round Robin Environment are usually high traffic websites. It is very important for them to maintain functionality as well as a good site speed to be able retain their traffic . Site design can play a very important part to maximise the performance of a clustered hosting environment for such sites. [singlepic=25,320,240,,center] Although the design changes or tweaks depend on the type of site you have or are building but we will just try and touch base to some of the major points that can be taken into consideration during the site design phase for hosting it on a cluster. We will be adding some case studies later on our site for particular types of sites we have hosted and their design changes we implemented for optimal performance. The general tweaks would be as below : 1. Distribution of static and Dynamic Content The site design can be done in such a way that there is scope to distribute static and dynamic content to different servers. Use of subdomain paths on the is a method which is helpful to achieve such distribution. 2. Prevention of Excessive Remote Includes URL includes from the site to its own URLs causes and increase in the http traffic. This needs to be avoided as far as possible so that http does not have heavy traffic from the server itself. 3. Mysql Based Session Management Websites which require sessions need to use mysql based sessions in order to maintain proper sessions on the site. The session mechanism can use a different mysql server if needed as well. We will elaborate more on each of these points with examples in the case studies we will be posting.

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